Let us take the strain

What a difference it can make to a guest when the laundry is clearly clean and well cared for.  Let us help you with that one.  We can collect, wash, iron and return all your laundry for your rental or bed and breakfast.  We put our prices below to give you a clear indication of costs but why not give us a ring and discuss your needs.


Super King Cover                   £8.00

King Size Cover                      £6.50

Double Cover                         £4.25

Single Cover                           £3.75

King Size Fitted Sheet           £4.25

Double Fitted Sheet              £3.75

Single Fitted Sheet                £2.75

Pillow Slip                               £1.00

Bath Sheet (Towel)               £4.00

Bath Towel                             £2.75

Hand Towel                           £2.00

Bathmat                                  £2.00

Bed Throws from                 £15.00

The Stroud Ironing Comercial Service

Terms and Conditions


We will collect or return on a specific day agreed.  It will be a morning or afternoon.  We are happy to give an estimated time but to allow for traffic and combining with other collections and deliveries we can not guarantee a precise time.


We will send an invoice once the work is complete.  You can pay by bank transfer, debit card or cash.  Payment must be made before or when the ironing is returned.


We reserve the right to charge an extra delivery charge if you offer cash payment and you fail to leave it out for us when we return your laundry.