Collect or Drop off

We can collect your laundry or you can drop it off.  If we are collecting and you have a porch or outbuilding you can leave it in we are happy to pick up from there.  Collection and return costs start at £10 – so if you live in the centre of Stroud it will cost you a total of £10 to have your laundry picked up and returned to you.  We provide a 3 day turn around service.

If you are dropping if off on us in Hardwick we need to know in advance

Optional Washing

We can wash and dry and iron your laundry for you – all of it or some special items.  We recently washed and dried two down-filled gilets for a customer who doesn’t have a tumble drier.

Please note we will separate laundry based on colour and material – sorry but we’re professionals, no grey tint to everything here.  How we charge for this… see below


We provide professional quality ironing, we’re always careful to ensure we use the right temperature for the material.  We will fold your laundry or place on hangers, although there is an additional charge for folding business shirts.

Please note 1:   We would prefer you supply your own hangers – at least recycle ours.  You will be charged 10 pence per hanger we have to supply.

Please note 2: If we find an item with a stain or not clean we will return it to you unless you have instructed us to address the issue.


We will return to you or let you know it is ready for collection.  All ironing will be folded or on hangers and returned in the container we received it in.  We plastic wrap for protection, if you would prefer us not to use plastic we won’t.   We can leave your ironing in a safe and dry place for you as long as we have been paid.

Please note 3: If you choose not to have your ironing in plastic we cannot take responsibility for marks on the laundry.  However we are happy to recycle your plastic covering if you provide with your washing.


We iron by weight, with a minimum of 8 kilos. We then charge for each additional kilo.   

Minimum charge £30 plus collection and return

First 8 kilos included – £4.75 for each additional kilo

Wash and dry £14 per washing machine load – each load max 6 kilos (minimum charge applies).  Colours will be separated. We will only iron what needs to be ironed.  Everything will be folded and business shirts will be on hangers

Please supply your own hangers.  Hangers from us charged at 10 pence each – no refunds

Payment is due before return of ironing.  We will send you an invoice and you can pay by bacs, debit/credit card or cash.  We reserve the right to charge a “wasted journey” charge if you fail to pay when we return your ironing.  Wasted journey charges are the same as your normal collection and deliver charge

Please note 4: If your ironing is only sheets we recommend using the commercial rates which cover bedding by the item. 

How to charge is a challenge, by item or weight?  We’ve opted for by weight for our domestic customers.  You fill a bag with your ironing, you’ll soon get used to what’s in 8kgs.  Give us ring or drop it off and we’ll do the rest.

3 Blouse, 4 Shirt, 3 Trouser, 1 Double Duvet Cover, 2 Double Sheet, 4 Pillow Slips, 2 Table Cloths, 1 Single Duvet Cover

2 Shirts, 2 Trousers, 2 Jumpers, I Double Duvet Cover, 1 Double Sheet, 4 Pillow Slips